Friday, March 02, 2007

too fat to love? Maybe not!

Apparently Pat Buchanon is the one who started the "is Al Gore too fat to run for president" news which has hit the media like a ton of bricks. He was quoted in an interview as saying:

Another thing. Al Gore came in 40 pounds overweight for spring training, Joe.

So with that in mind, I took a survey on one of the large news sites which asked whether we would vote for Al Gore if he runs for office, still carrying the extra baggage. I of course, voted that his size wouldn't make any difference to me. That was expected with me but what was very surprising is that 62.5 percent of the survey respondents voted exactly the same way I did... and only some 17.5 percent said the fat would make a difference in their vote and another 20 percent stated they wouldn't vote for him in any case, fat or thin.

That, of course begs the question about whether the general public is really buying the "fat is ugly" stuff that the media is constantly pushing down our throats.

Another interesting tidbit is that Oprah, America's favorite talk show host, has high ratings... we all know that, but how many folks know that when Oprah is fatter, her ratings are even higher than when she's slim (she yo yo's a lot).

And Anna Nichole Smith, whose autopsy STILL has not been released ( why is that, I wonder - maybe because they DIDN'T find a lethal dose of meth in her system and she might have just had a sudden heart attack, a common ailment of those crashing weight off quickly as she did) - Anna Nicole Smith was just as popular when SHE was fat as when she was slim.

Other stars like Carnie Wilson actually had more of a career as a fat girl - after gastric bypass, she's been very stereo-typed as the "gastric bypass girl" with most fans ignoring the fact that she's extremely musically talented and even was a fairly good talk show host.

And then, there is Tyra Banks. She's not fat but she IS normal weight for her height (which is horrendously fat in the world of modeling) and since she's gained the weight, most agree she looks even MORE stunning than before and her ratings have picked up also.

Maybe just maybe, the public is tiring of the super slim types who look like they spent some time in a concentration camp? Or perhaps they are tiring of the ever growing list of very talented young people who have dropped dead from starving - young women who should have NOT had to die and who still could be sharing their talent with us had they been more sensible about size and eating...

Thoughts to ponder!

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