Sunday, June 24, 2007

Commenter objects to info on obesity and evolution

I received a feedback comment which accused me of telling "lies" in my article on evolution. This article was written with the aid and consult of a biochemist. The commenter was complaining that George Wald did not make the comment that Intelligent Design is logical but since it requires belief in a Supreme Being, he chooses to reject it (paraphased). I would like to inform the writer that whether Wald said this or not (and neither the commenter NOR I have any proof), the fact remains that several scientists who were once agnostic or atheist, have been compelled to adjust their beliefs because modern computerized calculations (those which were not possible even a couple of decades ago) have suggested to us that the chance of all of "this" happening randomly is small enough to be "nil". (beginning with the "big bang" which is now the generally accepted theory about the origin of the universe).

Dr Antony Flew is one example -
1. Objecting to the theory of the Prime Mover in 1976, Flew, in 2004, stated on TV that if the big bang means the universe had a beginning then we must ask what was there before that beginning.
2. Stating that the development of Life was random in 1976, Flew, in 2004, stated that the complexity of DNA makes it impossible for life to be random.

This is just one example - there are apparently several scientists who, in view of the updated calculations and information, have followed Dr Flew's example above.

The URL of the article on evolution is located at:

Next our commenter accused me of telling "lies" about obesity and quoted a page from ironically that same biochemist who provided me with information for the article on evolution (and I believe, the Wald quote). Obesity is NOT the biochemist's field of expertise and he was way behind on current information and studies on obesity (which I provided him but he refused to believe - that's his prerogative). However as a result of that discussion, I have provided a page which has the up to date information about obesity and is FULLY CITED from RECENT studies in peer reviewed journals:
If the commenter wants to review some of the source books (written by several scientists), I would recommend the following:

Kolata, Gina: RE-THINKING THIN (NY,2007)
Campos, Paul: THE OBESITY MYTH, (NY, 2003) or THE DIET MYTH (NY,2005)
Fraser, L., Losing It: America's Obsession with Weight and the Industry that Feeds on it, 1997, Dutton (New York)
Gaesser, Glenn, PhD:Big Fat Lies, Fawcett (NY, 1996, CA, 2002)
Colles, Lisa: Fat, Exploding the Myths, Carlton (London, 1998)
Pool, Robert: FAT - exploring the obesity epidemic (NY, 2001)

Websites: Council on size and fitness

I am always very happy when folks give me feedback so keep that feedback coming. :)

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