Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Biggest loser premier shows lowest rating ever

An article on the Philly burbs tells how the show, "The Biggest Loser" suffered a significant loss in the ratings - 25% down. The article asks in the conclusion, "is it because Americans are tired of being reminded how obese they are?"

No, I don't think that's it at all. I think it's because of those former contestants who have spoken out about the sadistic methods of training used in the show, the long hours of workouts and the psychological abuse contestants get. The last one to "sing" who said she got an eating disorder after being on the ranch, might have signed the death nell for the show.

That and the fact that Ryan Benson, the winner of the first season has admitted he's regained to a higher weight than his original weight (not withstanding his open admission on his "myspace website" about how he clinched his win using techniques of dehydration he learned, back in his days as a High School wrestler - and how he gained 30 lbs the week after the big win).

Or maybe it was Erik Chopin appearing on the Oprah Show, almost back to his original weight. The Biggest Loser tried to do damage control by having trainer Bob, visit Erik and Erik admitting it was just all his fault. Bob extracted a promise from Erik to be back to a better weight by the finale but that never materialized. Maybe some of the viewers were looking for that event and didn't "forget about it" as the show producers likely hoped.

Perhaps it was the couple who appeared on Carnie's quiz show who got married but both admitted quite a bit of regain.

Or the contestant who told the press that the week before the finale, she had lived on diet jello all week.

There is also, a growing number of personal trainers who are very much against the way the "loser" contestants are treated by Jillian and Bob - they say it gives folks the wrong idea about personal training in general. And there have been articles in industry magazines which were critical of the personal training on the show. Likely some of this filtered down to their clients.

The show has received enough "bad publicity" to spoil the magic image of the weight somehow magically falling off the contestants.

Everyone knows if you starve and work out many hours a day, you will lose weight but that isn't even healthy, and rapid re-gain is likely. No magic in that at all. On the contrary...