Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gastric bypass patients should consider reversal!

The good news is most surgeons have stopped doing the gastric bypass by now and have switched to the gastric sleeve which is a much safer procedure and just as effective as the bypass with weight loss (not very effective unless the patient diets and exercises which of course, works very well without surgery).

The bad news is many surgeons are not saying anything to bypass patients like telling them to consider getting their procedures reversed (which would effectually give them a gastric sleeve).  The reason they are not saying anything to the thousands of gastric bypass patients is, that would be like admitting the gastric bypass was a bad idea which it was, big time!  Mason who invented the procedure, stopped doing them in the 1970's because he said the repercussions were too great but he only wrote about this in medical literature.

Surgeons are afraid to tell you the gastric bypass is a bad procedure because of the possible lawsuits they might get (most WLS surgeons are facing up to 5 lawsuits at any given time!).  But if you are a bypass patient, consider getting the reversal procedure - you will still have restriction but will be able to digest vitamins again, hopefully...

We need some 100 micronutrients a day (which cannot be supplemented) plus a bunch of macronutrients like B12 etc which cannot be efficiently supplemented.  None of which the gastric bypass patient can digest.

As one WLS surgeon said, he "buries his mistakes".  Literally.  Dead people don't talk and live gastric bypass patients are afraid to detail the gnarley side effects of this surgery.

In the UK, they force a reversal of the gastric bypass after a couple of years - that's because the govt picks up the tab for all the side effects which kick in long term... if you are a gastric bypass patient, consider getting a reversal.  If you lost weight and kept it off, it wasn't the surgery, it was YOUR WORK and you can continue that without the bad side effects of surgery.

I have digestive problems from a lifelong case of GERD - they are very annoying albeit nothing like bypass patients suffer, but trust me, since I was clinically obese until 2010, digestive problems didn't help in the least, to keep my weight off.  (In 2010, I hit my Weight Watchers goal and lifetime membership - and have kept off 106 lbs ever since, being on program)

We did not become overweight because our digestive systems worked.  Just saying