Friday, June 02, 2017

My 600 lb Life - Laura

This week's, "My 600 lb Life - Where are they Now" featured a lady who lost most of her weight and ended up in the 180's after skin removal surgeries.

Interesting to note was the massive loss and new style of eating, took its toll on her relationship.  Sadly it was a "common law" marriage i.e. they were living together as husband and wife but not legally married (common law marriages are no longer acknowledged as legally binding in most states).

And one might ask "why".  There are hints in the show. First of all, the husband has Multiple Sclerosis, a serious neurological illness which only a few years before TV checked in on the couple, paralyzed him at one point.  The show said Laura had "nursed him" back to health but he obviously was disabled to the point of not being able to work - always a strain on the marriage to begin with.

Second, Laura was very addicted to food and had used food all of her life to "feel better" in the presence of adversity and certainly, having the burden of supporting the couple and other stresses she alluded to (probably connected with her partner), were difficult for her to deal with, without the help of the food which had helped her in the past.  Her weight loss had come to an standstill, so the good doc revised her gastric sleeve to a gastric bypass, which, of course, zapped her strength because of the non digestion of nutrients (we need some 100 micro-nutrients a day and that's in addition to macro-nutrients, most of which cannot be digested by gastric bypass patients since the very important digestive organ, the duodenum, the first several feet of small bowel, is bypassed in this surgery.)

Less than 25% of surgeons still do the bypass because of not only, the short term repercussions, but long term ones as well.  The inventor of the gastric bypass, stopped doing them in the early 90's, pointing out the numerous issues with this surgery.  But of course, the 72 year old doctor "Now" on "My 600 lb Life" is likely not up with the current science and doesn't realize that people who get pretty sick (as Laura DID after her bypass  - she suffered a lot of nausea and most things she ate didn't stay down), may need a takedown immediately.  I'm sure that she felt badly did not help her patience with her husband.

The show put out a note that 85% of bariatric patients end up divorcing their spouses.

Let's hope Laura gets herself to a doctor who is more up with the science of digestion and realizes she badly needs a takedown NOW.