Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How the Biggest Loser lost 214 lbs

Erik Chopin, 36 years old and winner of the "The biggest loser", revealed in an interview on Fox news how he lost 214 lbs. This was in response to the story on how the cold virus might cause obesity.

"So did a virus cause YOUR obesity?," asked Neil Cavuto
"Well, I don't know," said Erik, "but that would be nice if they'd make a vaccine for obesity - would have saved me a whole lot of work!"

"It's exercise and cutting the calories", Erik said, in answer to how he lost the weight, "Anyone can do it!"

Well, not exactly. When asked HOW MUCH exercise he did, Erik admitted that he did 4 or 5 hours of cardio exercise daily. "It was pretty intense," he admitted, " Basically, while I was on the show, it was my job!"

He apparently continued this killer workout program for a couple of months after he returned home but now has to go to work in a regular job - probably because of something silly like the need to have money to live. So he has geared down his program, he told the reporter... he only does 1 hour of running a day.

And from the tape we watched, he has definitely gained back some weight, so I guess his running one hour a day didn't keep off all the weight as the reporter said it had... The collage (above) shows Erik how he looked after he lost 214 lbs and how he looked a few days ago (in the black shirt) as he appeared on Neil Cavuto show.

One thing which strikes me about all of this. How come when people tell us fat folks "all you have to do is slightly cut the calories and walk for 20 minutes a day and the weight will come off", why did Erik Chopin have to work out 4 and 5 HOURS a day (and cut the calories) for HIS weight to come off?

So anyway, there you have it. Just work out 4 and 5 hours a day and if you are 36 years old, YOU TOO, can look like Erik Chopin DID after his stint on the Biggest Loser. What? Don't have the time? Have to work and do other things besides exercise? Older than 36 years old? Details details.... :)


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