Monday, September 03, 2007

Actually fat people live longer than WLS patients, suggests study

Those researchers on the Swedish Obesity Study (one of the studies which the news media is using to "prove" that gastric bypass patients live longer than fat people), admitted that they did not randomize the study and thus they could pick and choose which fat people they wanted in the study (in the control group which did not receive WLS). The fat people chosen had 25 percent more heart disease and 6.3 percent more diabetes than those chosen to receive WLS.

So if all things had been even, there should have been 25 percent more deaths in the fat (no WLS) group than in the WLS patients.

But there was only 1.3 percent more deaths in the fat group despite the 25 percent more heart disease. Which means the fat people survived better than the WLS patients.

So much for media spin. It should be mentioned that the Swedish Obesity study was HEAVILY funded by several American pharmaceutical firms and Johnson & Johnson (which makes surgical instruments and gastric bands).

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Sue Joan said...

As an addenda to this blog, a friend of mine who describes herself as "super duper sized" (over 500 lbs) told me that she has outlived 48 of her friends who had weight loss surgery!