Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carnie Wilson - 2nd weight loss surgery

Carnie Wilson, singer and daughter of Beach Boy, Brian Wilson (pictured in red dress in photo with her singing group);  got a RNY gastric bypass, 12 years ago. She lost 150 lbs initially, and told the press, "It was so easy -- it was like I blinked my eyes and the scale went WHUUP!"

A frenzy of people signed up for gastric bypass surgeries. One person who worked for a weight loss surgery surgeon, told the news that every time Carnie Wilson appeared on TV, their phones rang off the hook!  The surgical group who did Carnie's surgery, dramatically simulcasting on the internet during her surgery and launching a huge publicity campaign in partnership with the manufacturer of surgical instruments, went from doing 5-7 weight loss surgery procedures a week to doing 12 weight loss surgery procedures a week.  The future looked rosy, for Carnie and the Weight Loss surgery industry.

But dark clouds were gathering on the horizon.

Soon after Carnie Wilson's famous quote to the press above, she began regaining the weight, despite fighting hard to keep her weight off, including, hours of exercise, engaging personal trainers, putting salt on desserts so she wouldn't be tempted and publicly humiliating herself, talking about her weight problem. By 2011 when she appeared on the Dr Oz show, she'd regained to her average weight before surgery, about 240 which is a lot for her since she's only 5'1".

Apparently, she lately, had a gastric band placed over her bypass to force a restriction of her food intake, and has lost 30 lbs so far.

The bottom line is the gastric bypass or any weight loss surgery, is no free ride.  Just like using a non surgical tool like weight watchers, it's a lot of work on a daily basis for the rest of your life or you will regain the weight and/or get sick!  A percentage of gastric bypass patients get sick anyway, even if they do everything right.

Carnie Wilson, like so many others, was given the impression surgery worked automatically and easily.

That so many people embark on weight loss surgery seemingly ill prepared for the reality, can be at least, partially blamed on allowing the mass advertising of surgery without requiring the advertiser to list side effects and disclaimers like "results not typical".  Some weight loss surgery surgeons have an annual income of $1.5 million dollars - people have done strange things for much less money than that.

Let's hope the second weight loss surgery procedure will bring her what she's looking for.  She's such a beautiful woman and a great singer and somehow all of that tends to get lost in her frantic efforts to get slimmer. To me, that is sad.

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Janet C. Fish said...

That's so sad. She is so pretty. She can be pretty no matter her size.

I have lost 37 pounds in a bit over a year. No, it wasn't fast, but the fact is, I did that working on my general health and not even doing it for weight loss. I'd be thrilled to lose more, of course, but will go with whatever happens.

The thing I feel is that weight loss should be a side effect of a healthy pursuit of life. People pursuing weight loss so often do unhealthy things because they see weight loss as THE goal. Health they see as the secondary goal.

Well, good health won't happen just through weight loss. But often weight loss with happen through pursuit of good health.

I eat well, and I eat healthy. And it has served me well.

E. Jane said...

And what does she do when the band ha to be removed? Weight loss surgery is not a permanent fix. I have not know one person who has not put back on either all of their lost weight or a good deal of it. If you are a compulsive overeater with habits that have been developed over a long period of time, the issues are physiological and psychological. Brain chemicals are involved, much like an addict's. I wish there was a better answer for chronic obesity. I struggle myself, but weight loss surgery doesn't seem to be permanent.

Sue Joan said...

E. Jane, you are so right about that.. I wish there was a better answer also. Only thing I've found is chronic calorie restriction and I don't know if that's all that safe. :(. Sadly, although the surgery effects are temporary, the changes it makes to the body are permanent and cause some folks problems for a lifetime.

Two Voices Publishing said...

It's very sad that she feels something that obviously failed her the first time might work this time. She is a beautiful girl. It's a shame she has to be on a quest for thinness rather than a quest for health.

Sue Joan said...

Adelheid wrote 

"I think even losing a lot of weight with phentermine  doesn't give me as much enjoyment as reading your story, thanks for your job "

Adelheid, losing weight is something we all can do but keeping it off is the trick and unless you want to be on phentermine for the rest of your life, that isn't a good way to lose weight.

Phentermine makes your heart beat faster and thus raises your risk for heart attack the longer you use it. I suggest going on a more healthy program like HAES i.e. Health at Any Size.